Another stage of preparation for the release of our new Bf-109E-1 in 1/48 has been completed. Unfortunately, we deviated a little from the original plans – according to one prototype, we did not come to an agreement on colors even within the company. As for the second prototype, it was still easier there – we are not ready to be held responsible for the illegal use of the logo of other companies in our products. However, we feel like we’ve achieved some pretty good results, and these four decal options will help you add realism and authenticity to our new “Emils”. Let also once again allow to remind – we do not pretend to “absolute understanding of this issue”, this is only our vision of the situation and how the models collected by you will look like depends only on You… )))

2 thoughts on “Messerschmitt Bf-109E-1 marking options in 1/48-th

  1. This really interest me as well. The box art shows two machines from 5/JG26. The one in the background is Black 3. The pilots name is Lt. Walter Schneider. That is the same exact name as myself. So now you know my intense interest. Just have to come up with a Black number 3. Can’t wait!

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