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Wingsy Kits “IJN Type 96 carrier-based fighter II” from Mattia Pancotti

Great Work from the Great Master! Accurate assembly and painting, attention to detail – that’s what makes an ordinary plastic kit an excellent scale model. Mattia Pancotti, Thank You Very Much!
By : Admin | Jan 19, 2018

Beautiful building A5M4 “Claude” from Max Hoina

Beautiful building “IJN Type 96 carrier-based fighter IV” from Maxim Hoina in 1/48th. Author’s figures as an excellent addition to our model of A5M4 “Claude”. We are happy to see such works!Read More...
By : Admin | Jan 18, 2018

A5M2b (early version) in 1/48th – work in progress

Dear friends, unfortunately, we are a bit late on the terms of its release. We apologize for this, there were many difficulties that we had to overcome… But at the same timeRead More...
By : Admin | Sep 3, 2017

A few more words about the instruction sheets

It was hard! But we have crossed ourselves! ))) Who will find errors in the markers of colors and details – GIFT! )))) instruction_A5M2b
By : Admin | Jun 16, 2017

Box design for 48-th scale IJN Type 96 carrier-based fighter II A5M2b (early version).

Box design of the upcoming new Wingsy Kits D5-03 IJN Type 96 carrier-based fighter II A5M2b “Claude” (early version) in 48-th scale .
By : Admin | Jun 8, 2017

Marking options from the new IJN Type 96 II A5M2b (early) in 48th scale.

We finished work on coloring and marking options for our new IJN Type 96 II A5M2b (early). As usual, there were a lot of dialogues with experts, reviewing pictures in awful qualityRead More...
By : Admin | Jun 8, 2017

The first renders Ki-51 “Sonia” in 1/48-th.

The first renders of the СAD – model of our new project is Ki-51 in 1/48-th. These are the basic surfaces on the basis of which our new model will be designed.Read More...
By : Admin | May 29, 2017

New highly detailed exhaust pipe for all Wingsy Kits A5M “Claude” in 1/48th!

So, meet – highly detailed exhaust pipe for all Wingsy Kits Type 96 carrier-based fighter A5M “Claude” in 1/48th! With this product, we are opening a new line of detail – up setsRead More...
By : Admin | May 5, 2017

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