– What is more difficult to draw a God or a sparrow?
– Sparrow…
– Why?
– Because no one saw God, but everyone saw the sparrow…

We are glad to inform you friends that we have completed design work on our new Emil in 1/48. It was not the easiest project in our practice and not the easiest year, but it seemed to us that we achieved good results. To implement this project, we used a lot of archival documents, historical photographs and, of course, did not neglect your opinion. Now 3D has been transferred to technologists and they will carefully study it once again and give their recommendations for its implementation, first in injection molds, and then in plastic. We thank all the people who helped us in the implementation of this “another Messerschmitt”, as well as all of you for your attention to this project.
Our immediate plans are to release first Bf-109E-1 and E-3 (if everything is OK, we will release E-1 by the end of this year), and then E-4 / E7 and E-3a. And of course, as they are implemented, we will inform you about the progress of work and the timing of their release.

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