We are glad to inform you Friends that we have completed the design of our new Wingsy Kits release, scheduled for the autumn of 2019 D5-05 IJA Type 99 army reconnaissance plane Ki-51 “Sonia” in 1/48th. We took into account your wishes and decided to include in this release also a version for “special missions” (kamikaze). In the new model will be two new sprues – for the fuselage, as well as with details for photographic equipment, new chassis and bombs load. In other words, from this kit you can assemble a model of almost any Ki-51 “Sonia” typical of the final stage of the Second World War.
At the moment, this CAD model is transferred to the production of molds. As far as possible, we will definitely inform you about the progress of work. We think that this time everything will be a little faster… )))

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